Our Mission

  • Have you looking your most-amazing self
  • Incredible results, money-back guaranteed!
  • Cruelty-free, every time
  • Rigorous testing via unbiased third-party screeners
  • Rejuvenate skin to regain that youthful, glowing look
  • All-natural ingredients that work in harmony with your skin

Luxe Beauty Labs isn’t just promoting a line of cosmetics, it’s promoting a way of life. At Luxe Beauty Labs, our guiding principles are at the heart of all we do, with five principles that act as a roadmap to direct us in all our ventures. By following these guidelines that are so vital to our vision, we’re able to promote quality, ethical products that our consumers love, while treating their bodies with the nurturing beauty they deserve.


Our Five Guiding Principles:

1. Highest Quality Ingredients

We understand that using the highest quality ingredients results in the best overall product for our most important subject: you, our consumer. As such, our manufacturers source only the most pure, potent supplies and lowering our carbon footprint.

2. Third-party testing

While the products we promote undergo vigorous testing, we understand the benefit of an unbiased, outside opinion. All of our cosmetics are tested via a third-party screener, so you are assured that the ingredients you read on your label are 100 percent verified and guaranteed pure.

3. All-natural recipes

Ever try a new brand of cosmetics only to find your skin breaking out or your eyes facing irritation? We ensure our products are made completely with all-natural ingredients, treating your skin and features with the gentle, nurturing care it deserves.

4. World class customer service

While we’re confident you’ll be fully satisfied with your Luxe Beauty Labs experience, we understand that questions and concerns sometimes arise. As such, we’ve built a quality team of experts to handle all of your customer service needs.

5. Fourteen day guarantee

We are so sure you’ll fall in love with our products, we’re prepared to put our money where our mouth is! If for any reason you’re not perfectly satisfied with your purchase, just let us know and we’ll issue a full refund for 14 days, no questions asked. It’s our way of letting you know we love our products, and we’re certain you will, too.