The Basics of Healthy Skin Care

Having healthy-looking skin is not a complicated ordeal. In fact, it only calls for a few measures you should be aware of first and these include cleansing the skin, moisturizing the skin, and using a sunblock. 

Knowing this, what is the purpose of feeling like you need to become commercialized by companies claiming their skin care products are the best? Their words are just words. If it seems like a complicated process to decide on which to use, then it´s not just you.

In actuality, it is thought that many feel misled about the skin care items and whether they are safe and effective for use. 

However, when you think about it, when your face needs to be washed, it does not need to be a lengthy undertaking or require you to have many products. In all honesty, great skin care only needs you to perform a thorough cleansing to remove dirt and grime, a moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated, and proper sunscreen to ensure your skin stays protected. 

Skin Cleansing Basics 

It is well known by many that skin cleansing is the first step towards good skin care. A cleanser is designed to break up and remove dirt and oil that collects on the skin. This will in turn eliminate germs and bacteria from the surface of the skin. Nevertheless, not all cleansers work the same and some could even be harmful to your skin. 

A good example of this is dry skin that develops after continuous use of a cleanser as part of a routine. The user may have it in their mind that their skin is clean once it achieves a tight feeling following a cleansing. Because of this, they don´t mind the adverse reaction that it causes on their palms, the dullness their complexion receives, or itchiness. 

What you need to know is which type of cleanser you should be using. To figure that out you need to think about what options there are. 

  • First, are bar soaps, which are used the most among all other cleansers, but will leave your skin feeling irritated.
  • The second is a liquid cleanser which provides a nice amount of effectiveness but often leaves an oily feeling. 
  • Third, are cleansers for the face which are very mild but are sometimes unable to remove the dirt completely. 

What it boils down to is being able to choose a mild cleanser first. This will eliminate as much dirt as possible but allow the natural oils of the skin to remain. 

Cleansers that are non-foaming are known to be mild combined with a scrub are able to remove dead skin and dirt in a more efficient manner. There are also liquid cleansers that provide effectiveness. Just make sure to check the ingredients used as petroleum or other oils may produce a greasy feeling. Some bar soaps may be a soft option and some may contain an extra amount of oil. 

Skin Moisturizing Basics 

The second important step in healthy skin care is moisturizing. This step is essential and having one that works can help put an end to any dry skin that may develop and cause other skin issues. 

When you choose a great moisturizer, the ingredients will normally include the following capabilities: 

  • Improve functionality of skin cells 
  • Decrease the amount of free-radical damage 
  • Skin rejuvenation to keep skin looking healthy and maintain its pH balance. 

In the past, the moisturizer consisted of a wax and water combination that created a layer of water, which usually formed a greasy and unusual feel. However, todays moisturizer employs several components designed to enhance the moisture of the skin and increase the skin's natural appearance. A few of these components used include the following: 

  • Ceramides for the restoration of natural skin oils 
  • Niacinamide for natural skin oil production, which may counter the effects of damage caused by the sun
  • Glycerol to assist in water and other elements in skin penetration 
  • Hydroxy acid for assistance in skin cell exfoliation 

When you choose the moisturizer that´s best for you it should be based on the type of skin you have, whether it’s sensitive, oily, dry, or normal, and if any skin blemishes exist such as eczema, rosacea, acne, or dermatitis. 

If skin conditions exist, you should not depend on the label of the skin products in order to come to a decision. You should consult a dermatologist in order to establish the best course of action that your skin care would benefit from. 

Sunscreen Basics 

The third step in maintaining healthy skin is the use of sunscreen to help keep skin protected. Sunscreen is more important than ever today and adding it to a daily routine is a must. 

With many people experiencing UV exposure on a daily level, the skin is slowly getting damaged which could ultimately lead to skin cancer caused by sunburns. However, a sunburn can be avoided if sunscreen is utilized daily. Besides preventing sunburn or avoiding outdoor activities, skin damage could also occur just by sitting at a window in the sun. Gradually, the skin damage can add up over time and develop spots, melanoma, and skin wrinkles. 

When you decide on sunscreen, you need to keep the following in mind: 

  • If a moisturizer is mixed in to prevent drying of the skin. 
  • The amount of SPF 
  • Type of use (for sun exposure or casual daily use) 

You also need to keep the UV index in mind for the area in which you live. The index number will help determine the proper SPF. So, when the index is high your SPF will also need to be high. 

Once your sunscreen is applied, you will still need to decrease your sun exposure and keep problematic areas covered that would normally become burned. You will also need to reapply your sunscreen often if you sweat or enjoy the water. 

By maintaining your skin with cleansers, moisturizers, and sunscreen, you will keep your skin looking and feeling fresh. Make sure to consult a dermatologist if you feel the need for additional advice.

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